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Fullion Holdings (S) Pte Ltd
Fullion Holdings (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
Fullion Holdings (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1994. Our main activities are to manage, invest and finance its subsidiary and affiliated companies. Other area includes training and new business development.

Fullion Holdings (S) Pte Ltd has established a subsidiary company in Shanghai. The main purpose of this subsidiary company is to facilitate the holding company, as well as any of the other subsidiary companies, in any operations they might have in China. This includes any business transactions, legal procedures and official documentations. Fullion Holdings (Shanghai) will also manage any investments that the holding company has in China.
For further information, please click on link www.fullion.com.sg .
Multibuild Pte Ltd
Lightec Pte Ltd
Multibuild provides art pieces to all home makers. Multibuild supplies reliable and high quality tiles in granite, marbles, ceramics and other building construction materials with the latest design and technology in the tiling industry.

Multibuild business involves supplying building materials to private and public development including residential, educational institution, commercial buildings, hospitality, industrial and etc.
For further information, please click on link www.multibuild.com.sg.
Zircon Engineering Pte Ltd
Zircon Engineering (Hanoi) Co. Ltd
Zircon Engineering is a leading agent, stockist and distributor for marine and shipbuilding industry including onshore and offshore oil and gas activities in the worldwide.

Zircon Engineering offers multifarious marine cables, lighting fixture, valves, tubing and other mechanical spares to customers like ship owners, shipyards, oil and gas operators and contractors.
For further information, please click on link www.zircon.com.sg.
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